Production of first-class malts based on an old tradition and large amounts of handwork.

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Carved malts

Pilsen malt malt: malt of exceptional quality, made from spring malting barley in the barn - by traditional handmade technology, it adds golden color to the beer and a unique malt aroma. It is characterized by high yield and is very popular especially in small breweries in the production of special beers.

Bavarian malt: it is also made from malting barley by the classic handmade technology on the barns, enhancing the color and enhancing the malt aroma of beer. It is mainly used in the production of dark beers.

Roasted malts

Light caramel malt: the basic raw material for production is malting barley; it is mainly used in the production of dark beers of the Munich (Bavarian) type, in bakery, confectionery, in the production of various soft drinks and is part of health food products. It has a very positive effect on the stability of beer, giving the beer a fine malt aroma and a nice copper color.

Dark caramel malt: the beer gives a distinct caramel flavor and ruby color, other uses like light caramel malt.

Colored malt (light / dark): Pilsen malt is the basic raw material for production. It is used in the production of Munich-style dark beers and in bakeries. It adds dark to black color and a distinctly roasted aroma.

Special malts

Viennese malt, Pale Ale, Pale Ale, Dark Wheat Malt, Wheat Caramel, Rye Malt, Rye Roasted Malt, Abbey, Melanoid Malt, Smoked Malt, Diastatic Barley Malt, Diastatic Wheat Malt
What is the malting process?

Production process

Despite the automation of barley intake, soaking, roasting in roasters or carnations, much depends on people. Individual assessment of germination, conversion and harvesting of green malt is dependent on malting workers. Also the control of roasted malts is fully within the competence of the roaster. In short, malt production can be summarized as follows: barley intake and cleaning, barley storage, barley steeping, barley wetting and germination, malt drying (malting), malt storage and shipping, malt roasting, storage and shipping of roasted malts.
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You can find detailed information about prices of all Sessler malt products in the following price lists. For more information on malts such as shelf-life, storage, main constituents, physical and chemical properties, see the malt safety data sheet below.

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