Discover the authentic atmosphere of the historic premises of our restaurant and taste the specialties of our cuisine. In addition to excellent "beer cuisine", the restaurant also offers many hidden treasures, which are contained, for example, in quality steaks or homemade recipes for our products.

The only restaurant brewery in Trnava

About us

Welcome to the renovated historic premises of Sessler. Since 2008, in addition to tasting Sessler beer, you can choose from a rich menu of traditional and non-traditional dishes, as well as various brewing specialties in our restaurant. Come and sit with us for a tasty meal, or organize a family celebration for your loved ones. The staff of the Sessler restaurant and brewery wishes you health and good taste. The restaurant areas consist of 3 parts, lounge and summer terrace, which also includes our beautiful romantic park, which with good food and beer is a perfect experience.

Would you like to organize a social event, family celebration, graduation ceremony, wedding or other event? Do not hesitate to ask us for a non-binding order. In case we know for you…

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Daily menu

The daily menu is available Monday to Friday. There are 4 different dishes to choose from.

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Specialties of the kitchen

  • Beer stinks € 4.50

    /100 g/ (obsahuje 1,7)

  • Košík bavorských praclík € 7.5

    /5 ks/ (obsahuje 1)

  • Homemade jelly € 4.90

    /0,33 l/ s octom, cibuľkou a domácim chlebom (obsahuje 1,9)

  • Grilled trout € 7.50

    /200 g/ s bylinkovým maslom (obsahuje 4,7)

  • Grilovaný steak z lososa € 14.5

    /200 g/ s varenými zemiakmi a jogurtovo - citrónovým dipom (obsahuje 4,7)

  • Sesslerova čapica € 13.50

    /200g/ zemiakové placky s grilovaným kuracím mäsom, údeným oštiepkom, cuketou a šampiňónom (obsahuje 1,3,7)

  • Bavarian knee € 18.50

    /1000 g/ pečené, kyslá obloha, domáci chlieb (obsahuje 1,10)

  • Spare ribs € 14.50

    /500 g/ so zemiakovými dukátmi, kyslou oblohou a BBQ dipom (obsahuje 11)

  • Tatarák Sessler 150g € 19.50

    /150 g/ tatarák z pravej hovädzej sviečkovice s 10 cesnakovými hriankami / topeničkami (obsahuje 1,3)

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Opening hours

Monday to Thursday 10:00-22:00
Friday 10:00-23:00
Saturday 11:00-23:00
Sunday 11:00-22:00

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SESSLER, s.r.o.
Pri Kalvárii 17 917 01 Trnava
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