Sessler brewery is one of the most famous breweries in the area, its history dates back to 14th century

Beers directly from our brewery

Current products

Constant range

Saigon Tiger - Unfiltered, unpasteurized. Pilsner type beer. 10 ° light. Bitter. Alcohol approx. 4%

11,5° výčapný ležiak - Unfiltered, unpasteurized. Our best selling beer. Classical production, harmonious bitterness, thick foam. Slightly carbonated, medium-bodied taste. Aromatic hops predominate. EBC: 22 Alcohol content approx. 4.5%

13°tmavý špeciál - Awarded with a gold beer seal. Bottom-fermented, with a slightly sweet taste of roasted malt coffee, moderate bitterness and balanced rustiness. Alcohol content approx. 4,9%

20° špeciál - the malt extract and sweet taste can be felt thanks to the high degree of gradation. With its long lying, it gains a harmony between high alcohol content and residual extract. Alcohol content approx. 7%

Nealko pivo - our only filtered and pasteurized. Slightly sweet. Alcohol content max. 0.5%

Amarillo nealko - non-alcoholic beer hopped with Amarillo hops, added to dry hop - only 0.5l bottle

Grepové nealko - non-alcoholic beer flavored with special syrup in beer with pink grapefruit flavor - only 0,5l bottle

Pivea® - soft drink made from malt and hops. Ideally add a slice of lemon to enhance the lemon flavor.

Pivovica 45% - beer distillate. Burned our beer. Feel the taste of home-baked and at the end feel the taste and bitterness of beer in your mouth.

Sladovica 40% - beer distillate. Burned our beer with the addition of wort extract. A little sweeter and milder taste than brewery. (Sladina - it is a pre-product of beer that is evaporated to form a concentrate. Tastes like bitter honey)

Current specials (varied)

BRUT ALe – Prvý pokus o Brut IPU v pivovare Sessler, ktorý Vás zaujme citrusovou vôňou a tiež chuťou, ktorá vyniká jemnou sladkosťou v úvode, prechádzajúcou do jemne horkých tónov. EPM 14,5°, IBU 50, alc. 7,7%

Orange wit12,5°Witbier. Pšeničné pivo s ochutené s pomarančovou šťavou, koriandrom a kardamónom. Alc. 5,1%

Belgický špeciál 23°- tmavé vrchne kvasené pivo, alc. 8,4%

Retro edition (only 0,5l bottles)

Trnavan  10% - classic 10 Pilsen type. Filtered, pasteurized. Slightly bitter and slightly malty taste. alc. 3,5%

Malvína 10% tmavé – classic dark lager. Filtered, pasteurized. The taste of roasted malt with a delicate sweet taste appropriate for dark beer. alc. 3,2%

Záhorák 11% - light lager. Filtered, pasteurized. Gently bitter, malty taste dominates. alc. 4%

Zlatý klas 14% - Filtered, pasteurized. Medium bitter, deeply fermented, pale lager beer. alc. 5.3% - currently not available

Brewery tour of your choice

Brewery excursion

Are you interested in learning more about beer production?
We offer a tour of the Sessler brewery. During this excursion you will learn about the history of Sessler, the production of beer and malt. During the excursion we will guide you through the brewery, where you will go through the entire route of beer creation from brewing to beer expedition. We also finish the excursion of type M and L with beer tasting.
When choosing the excursion L, we will also guide you through a single malt malt house in Slovakia and one of the largest in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. You will see historic parts and equipment that are still functional and used for malting. 

The tours are made for groups of 4-20 people on weekdays until 14:30.
If you are interested in a tour outside the working day or after 2:30 pm we charge a surcharge of 15 €.
If you are interested in an excursion in English we charge a surcharge of 20 €.
The order for the tour must be agreed at least one day in advance on tel. +421 903 700 614 or +421 908 709 843 or by filling out the form or sending an email to

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